About Us

Army Cadets is a premier organization for youth 12—18 years of age. The Army Cadet program offers many opportunities for cadets in the areas of physical fitness and team building as well as growth opportunities in the areas of leadership and social responsibility.  There is no requirement or expectation that cadets will go on into military service afterwards, but should they choose to do so, they will go with an excellent start in leadership and other valuable skills.

On a regular cadet night cadets participate in class-based instruction on components of the Army Cadet Program. There components consist of outdoor training, leadership skills, citizenship, self-confidence and healthy lifestyle awareness. Cadets also regularly participate in practicing military drill in order to be able to perform on regular cadet nights and at parades within the community. Along with regular cadet night instruction Corps 88 also provides an optional night for cadets to participate in physical fitness activities or band practice. Corps 88 also provides an opportunity for cadets to participate in off-site activities such as field training exercises and informational excursions. Cadets who participate actively in the cadet corps have the best experiences with the program and gain valuable life skills for the future.

Positive Social Relations for Youth Training Program
This program prepares cadets to interact comfortably within the community; interact positively with others; exercise sound judgement; accept personal responsibility for actions and choices; deal with interpersonal conflict; and seek assistance from available resources when needed. Feel free to speak with any of the officers for more information. 

Community Engagement
We’re active in our community!
Corps 88 provides support to a number of community agencies in Northumberland County. Some of our annual activities include:  Cenotaph providing assistance with the Salvation Army Christmas hamper program, supporting the Lions Club at the Cobourg Waterfront Festival and supporting the Rotary with the Cobourg Ribfest. These activities provide a meaningful way for cadets to express citizenship and give back to the community most community volunteer hours can be used towards the required high school community service hours. 

Location: H & PE Regiment Unit 6 -  210 Willmott Street, Cobourg (map)
Optional Training Night: Monday nights 1830 - 2100 (6:30 to 9:00pm)
Training Night: Wednesday nights 1830 - 2100 (6:30 to 9:00pm)

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